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Josephine Galazzo

Civil Marriage Celebrant & MC

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About Me and What I Do

Hello to my future couples looking at getting hitched or having a commitment ceremony or even a very beautiful vow renewal 

My Name is Josephine Galazzo

I am a Civil Marriage Celebrant appointed by the Attorney General of Australia and absolutely love what I do 

So why did I become a Civil Marriage Celebrant ... well that's easy as I have been a major part of the wedding industry for many years through my working with the team at Sydney Disc Jockeys and The fabulous

 DJ Jess as an MC ...

My love of weddings and being a special part of a couple’s and their families day inspired me to follow my passion and do more by helping “create” a beautiful and memorial wedding ceremony with our couples that will be remembered and treasured forever... and then celebrating this wonderful occasion ….so this is where “Marry & Celebrate”  started its beginnings….So .. First I will Marry You ... and then we will celebrate 

As your Celebrant we will work together to build, create and tell the story that takes you to your special day …..every couple has their own journey... their own story and we will get together over a good coffee or two and make sure we capture everything that we not only want to say on the day but understand the type of ceremony you would like. 

As your Celebrant I will look after all the legal mandatory paperwork from the NOIM - Notice of Intent ... this MUST be completed as a minimum the month before your wedding there are things we need to do ...but there is so much more I will do … even helping you write the beautiful vows you say to each other ...the vows from the heart that sometimes may be hard to put into words when there is so much you want to say to your loved one


Family rituals, cultural traditions & bringing families together through the bond of marriage is something very close to my heart... so as your Celebrant we will definitely look at these important rituals & traditions and incorporate them into your ceremony.

These traditions all vary but  represent a meaningful and special part of your ceremony…and are very symbolic of  the two families that are coming together 

Give me a call..

I would love to have a chat and help you with any enquiries you may have 


Josephine x 

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