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Vow Renewals

The I D0... "Still"

Vow Renewal Ceremonies are very special ..there can be so many different reasons why couples wish to renew their vows 

These reasons include milestone anniversaries that need to be celebrated, A marriage that took place overseas and the couple would like to reaffirm their vows before their family and friends or even relationships that have endured serious health issues or personal crisis  and would like to renew the original vows that were pledged ...when they originally said “ for better or worse .. and in sickness and health”... 


Just like any other ceremony we can include rituals and special readings and include your children and grandchildren as part of the ceremony

It is really beautiful to see the exchanging of rings in a vow renewal ceremony as it  symbolises that everlasting love through the rings… with rings representing the unbroken circle of your love … the love you have for each other ….. Still 


Commitment Cermonies

The Expression of your love and devotion to your partner is a wonderful way for a couple to show this to each other through a commitment ceremony…..


Although this type of ceremony is not a wedding or legally binding it is a commitment from the heart... a bonding of your love to each other … to express and commit before your families and friends that you want to be with that person .. your special person … forever…. 

A commitment ceremony is very significant as it recognises the social status change and transition that you as a couple have made


As your celebrant we will work together on ceremony  rituals, special readings and your beautiful words of commitment to your partner


The commitment ceremony can be a union or even a blessing ceremony … but the intent is still the same so as your celebrant it would be my pleasure to meet and chat with you to plan this beautiful and meaningful ceremony


Naming Ceremonies

A celebration of a new family member and welcoming a new baby into the world is a very special and very time honoured family tradition by the blessings to your 

new baby with his or her name 

A naming ceremony is considered to be an alternative to a christening or baptism with 

Family  traditions and rituals are very important as they are often passed down through generations ….

The commitments by the guardians is considered a treasured and special part of this ceremony. The guardians are entrusted with a great honour and responsibility of the newborn's life. This treasured and special occasion is as important to the parents as it is to the guardians and a beautiful celebration of a new baby and a new life to be lived


As your celebrant we will work together in putting together a beautiful ceremony that encapsulates the traditions passed on through the family and make this day special and day to be celebrated

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